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2023-11-17 15:32:32
TIN PHONG also provides professional mechanical, electrical and plumbing project solutions suitable to the budget and strict time of projects including factories, offices, hotels, apartments ... We provide services as below: - Supply and install water supply and water drainage system: water supply system, drainage system, pumping ... Read more

2023-10-27 16:04:40
TIN PHONG provides design and construction services including works from concept design to final completion.  We provide solutions to our clients so that they are minimized financial and other risks. TIN PHONG has full experience and resources (personnel including architects, construction engineers, electrical and water ... Read more

2023-04-07 15:28:12
TIN PHONG has been a strategic partner in the finishing segment of the largest main contractors in Vietnam and the world (Coteccons Group, CSCEC, Delta ...) to build commercial buildings, warehouses, offices.... Our experience in various types of commercial and industrial construction is also diverse with an experienced management ... Read more

2023-04-18 16:09:05
TIN PHONG also provides professional design and build solutions both inside and outside the building. We advise on design and construction, installation as well as procurement and warranty of interior products with the goal of aesthetic satisfaction, on schedule and in budget. We offer a complete package of spacial planning and layout, ... Read more

2023-04-18 16:28:56
TIN PHONG provides other services regardless of construction type and scale, at any stage of the project. No matter the type or size, no project can be considered small when we handle requests through customer-centric services. We commit to our customers to provide quality services at competitive price including: Repair and ... Read more

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