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Throughout the development of Tin Phong Construction Development Investment Co., Ltd (TIN PHONG), we value and build the culture of transparency and accountability.

At TIN PHONG, leaders and managements have updated knowledge and experiences in construction and full of enthusiasm. We build cooperative and win-win relationships, understand and share difficulties with our partners. Our management team is divided into different activities, regions and functions, but still operates in a unified manner according to the criteria of achieving commitments with partners in terms of technical and aesthetic quality, progress and satisfy customer needs.

At TIN PHONG, we are proud of our dedicated, honest employees who have enough professional knowledge and skills to serve the job. We constantly train our staff to help them grow into professionals that our clients can trust and to help develop themselves. We value a safe working environment and cooperation in construction, so we periodically train on related topics and are ready to provide supporting equipment and tools on the construction site.

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