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Construction supervision

* Job description:
Surveying, planning, work progress and construction preparation work;
Research and precise deployment drawings, technical standards and construction methods;
Directly deploy the construction, management and supervision of the Team / Group Construction, Subcontracting and Providers;
Ensure construction work in accordance with the quality management, occupational safety and progress to the region assigned to undertake;
Materials management, equipment, calculate and confirm workload;
* General requirements:
Male, in good health;
Regular college graduate or above, majored in related vacancies;
Experienced in the field of Construction of 2 years or more, or a recent graduate students achieve quite / good;
English: Good communication;
Proficient in computer software professional and office;
Planning skills, good management, to withstand the high pressure of work;
Dynamic, enthusiastic, high sense of responsibility at work, ready to work off.
* Job Information:
Place of work: National
Scope: Construction (Contractor)
Forms of work: Formal / Under Project
Working time: Full time
Wage agreement
Working Level: Staff

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