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TIN PHONG also provides professional mechanical, electrical and plumbing project solutions suitable to the budget and strict time of projects including factories, offices, hotels, apartments ...

We provide services as below:

- Supply and install water supply and water drainage system: water supply system, drainage system, pumping system, swimming pool technology...

- Supply and install electric supply and lighting system include:

  • TF/ MV/LV Panel, generator
  • Lighting and emergency lighting
  • Electric system for pumping
  • Control center
  • Lightning protection
  • Camera, telephone, access control…

- Supply and install fire detection and fire alarm system: automatic sprinkle system, CO2, N2, Fire-retardant materials, stair pressurization system, supply ventilation system, Fire extinguisher, hoses...

- Supply and install ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC): industrial HVAC system, HVAC system for office, basement, parking area...


Khang Viet Inks Factory - (tinphong.vn)

Phan Huy Ich Factory and Office - HCM - (tinphong.vn)

Park Hyatt Phu Quoc Residences - (tinphong.vn)

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