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When structural construction phase ends, the house is only 70% complete. Finishing work needs to be done by skilled workers and experienced managers because it is more demanding in terms of technique as well as aesthetics for the work.

Below is the process of finishing construction steps from the experience of  TIN PHONG Company, having completed construction for high quality 5 * hotels, villas, resorts.

Finishing works include:

1. Preparation:

Survey the actual ground, study design drawings.

Make detailed shop drawings

Prepare and clean the premises, arrange warehouses and specialized areas (transportation, mortar mixing, worker rest)

Handling errors from the rough part to the correct size, aesthetics to proceed to finishing

Prepare necessary tools and equipment, supplies and materials

2. Build the wall.

3. Paint the wall.

4. Waterproof.

5. Floor rolling, tiling.

6. Plastering the ceiling.

7. Batch, Primer to finish paint.

8. Installation of equipment, doors.

The above steps may vary depending on the intended use of the building.


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